NRLA article on 'Fall in Pandemic possessions' by Rhianna Abrey
Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

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I read the recent article by Rhianna Abrey on the fall in pandemic possessions during the last year. A huge 80% fall from the previous year ! One chapter particularly caught my eye....
'These figures suggest that, throughout the pandemic, tenants and landlords have continued to adopt a collaborative approach to the challenges both groups have faced by sustaining tenancies wherever possible. Likewise, this research reveals the extent of landlords’ cooperation with government guidance issued over the course of the past year.'

I don't know if I am reading this correctly or not but I found this statement to be somewhat farcical - seeming to suggest that a 'collaborative approach' between tenants and landlords has resulted in the huge fall in possession claims. Well were is the evidence of this statement ? No mention in the article that the courts were closed and no possession claims process or evictions could take place over the majority of the year. Well there was also a huge drop in non urgent treatments in hospitals, face to face visits with your Doctor, cars sales over the year, and not many people have gone abroad for holidays. I wonder if these are all due to 'collabaritive approaches' ?
I suspect that the main reason that there was such as huge drop in possession claims was that landlords realised that it was totally pointless even attempting to start a possession claim whilst the courts were non-functional. But maybe I am wrong....and landlords with better communication skills than I have managed through 'a collabarative approach' to sort the arrears, or anti-social behaviour etc with their tenants and now all is well with the world. As we all know the Government has really pushed the boat out to help us Landlords during the pandemic ensuring that we get our rent paid directly so that tenants are not tempted to spend it on something else.......
For those like myself who does not know who is Rhianna Abrey ?? Apparently there is a young singer with this name.....but it's not her. She is a NRLA press secretary...I don't know if she is Landlord (Landlady) or not...

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