my tnt scammed multiple lodgers (and applicants for spare room)
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over 7 yrs, it transpired an ex-tnt of 7 yrs (who of course left with huge arrears(CCJ) and multiple other debts , advertising spare room (n.b , the portal of that name, has been most helpful to me, and indeed reported the first complaint , when they found out who owned the property - so they are the good guys) taking upfront rent and deposits, "changing mind" keeping money.
There is a loophole, in that (a) tnts don't have to put deposits in a scheme like property owners do, (b) if they take money fraudulently by innocent applicants, the police don't want to know as it is a matter for the courts. A route difficult and expensive for renters, plus, serial scammers like this , do multiple scams at same time, build up the wedge of dosh, owe money to landlord of course, then move on. So no forwarding address.
I intend asking NRLA to listen to my story and hopefully we can start a campaign (view TO Westminster) to make tnts abide by rules we landlords have to (re deposits/upfront rents), and ensure lodgers where there is subletting, are in touch WITH landlord/property owner, if monies are paid to tnts. I KNOW SOME LANDLORDS MIGHT NOT WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS, but : disgruntled lodgers, or their friends, might target your property if there is this scam going on, and indeed, as you can't get blood out of a stone (errant, absent tnt), they come after you. In my case, I know I won't get the rent arrears repaid, but am truly determined this woman (aged 50 English, now moved to NOTTINGHAM NG7 7AG into another 2 bed flat, and is advertising/letting the spare room)
Anyone wishing to add their voice to this idea of mine, please do. By all means tell me how I've been a wally for taking this woman into a flat without refs/bank evidence, but her story is (as I found out later was utter rubbish, she was fleeing domestic violence so changed her name (I know of 8 ) and was keeping anonymous , blah blah

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