To tank or pump or...?

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We have a property which upto recently has had an occasional wet cellar with a puddle of water, though most of the time simply damp. It's not in use any more as the utilities were moved outside many years ago (gas). The cellar was then boarded over with an emergency access trap created.

At change of tenancy, it was noted there was a damp smell in the house, and a small amount of condensation mould. With the smell not having cleared following the usual clean-up, I went into the cellar and was alarmed to find it nearly 3 feet deep. This, I pumped out (220lpm extraction rate took almost 2 hours!), but there was still a small but significant flow of water coming up through the stone flag floor.

I have had the water tested by the water board, and it is neither mains water nor sewage, and they suggest it is rising ground water which is apparently an issue in the area.

My initial thoughts were to fit a pump, but given the quantity of water, I feel it would never turn off, and the tenant would rightly complain about the amount of electric it consumed. Tanking then was my next consideration. Alternatively I could fill-in the cellar; but it is rather large.

Despite screeding and sealing the kitchen floor with a waterproof membrane, the flooring fitted has still lifted.

Any suggestions? I have ordered a plugging compound to try to arrest the flow of water between the flags, though feel this will only push the issue onto the next weakest spot. After only 5 days, the water is back to just under 3 feet again (doesn't get any deeper). Thanks for your thoughts...

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