Industry News Sam Hunter 12/01/2024

NRLA welcomes principles of Manchester Good Landlord Charter

Following the launch of a consultation by Greater Manchester Combined Authority on the delivery of a proposed Good Landlord Charter, the NRLA has issued a response to the launch of this scheme.

The Good Landlord Charter seeks to raise standards in Manchester's private rented sector by offering a voluntary, opt-in scheme to landlords which will recognise best practice and improve standards across Manchester's private rented sector. The Authority believes this scheme will bring landlords and tenants together to improve conditions across social and private rented housing stock. You can learn more about what the scheme will entail by clicking here.

The launch event, at which the NRLA's Policy Director Chris Norris spoke, explored what the consultation process will entail over the coming months.

During his contribution Chris spoke about how the charter can provide a helpful guide as to "what good looks like", while at the same time giving private landlords an opportunity to separate themselves from those individuals who do not meet required standards.

Furthermore, Chris also said he hopes the scheme will act as a bilateral agreement between the the GMCA and local housing providers, which would reinforce the Authority's commitment to support landlords in meeting the Charter's criteria.

Responding to the publication by the Mayor of Greater Manchester of a consultation to develop the Charter, Chris Norris, Policy Director for the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), said:

“The vast majority of private landlords across Greater Manchester provide decent housing and a good service to their tenants. We therefore welcome the consultation’s commitment to ensuring those landlords meeting all their legal obligations are properly recognised.

“As we consider the proposals it will be vital to ensure that the laudable aims of the Charter are backed up by policies to make them a reality. That should include support for those landlords with the hardest to improve properties, improved enforcement to root out rogue and criminal landlords, and ensuring that content of the Charter is consistent with forthcoming changes in the Renters (Reform) Bill.” 

If you’d like to find out more about the Good Landlord Charter, you can keep track of further developments on the GMCA website here. Alternatively, further details about how the scheme will work in practice can be found here.