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How furniture packages make landlords’ lives easier

Simply put, furniture packages are the easiest way to fully furnish a property. They take away the stress of choosing, buying, delivery and building all the furniture a home needs. Plus, they are designed to include complementary furniture, providing a cohesive style from room to room and making a property feel purposefully put together and appealing to tenants.

What is a furniture package?

A furniture package is a collection of pieces of furniture which you can buy together. They may be for individual rooms, an entire accommodation or specific spaces in a home (such as a desk and office chair set).

What sort of furniture package to look for

  • Created by interior designers

They not only understand the latest trends and what looks great together but are also trained in people-first design – the idea of designing for the end user rather than putting furniture first.

This results in properties which look appealing to tenants and are a joy to live in.

  • In stock furniture

Make sure that the furniture you choose is easy to order. So if something gets damaged, it’s fast to replace it with an identical piece. At LOFT our furniture packages are from stock, meaning you can get an entire home’s worth of furniture delivered in less than 1 week (depending on your location).

  • Ability to install and remove furniture

Look for providers who can not only deliver your furniture packages quickly, but also can install it and remove any old pieces that are being replaced. This means you won’t even need to be at your tenants' properties to supervise its transformation.

What makes LOFT furniture packages unique

LOFT’s furniture packages are stylish and scalable to fit into as many types of properties as possible.

LOFT has a range of over 50 furniture packages at different price points to suit all sorts of properties. From full property sets which contain all the furniture you need for a bedroom, dining room, and living room, to individual room furniture or accessory packages.

Delivered and installed by their experienced team, these furniture packs will instantly elevate your property.  What's more, LOFT can remove and responsibly dispose of your old furniture at the same time.

They are really easy to customise, from swatch colours to number of pieces needed!

Virtual staging furniture packages (from £32)

If you’re wondering what a LOFT furniture package might look like in your property, they have created a virtual staging service where you can send a photo of a room, choose your preferred LOFT furniture package and can add the furniture to it virtually.

The staged photos can then be used to promote your property online. Making it stand out and look great amongst the listings. Plus, you can then purchase the same furniture packages from LOFT. 

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