Industry News Rhianna Abrey 13/04/2022

Landlords Back MPs Call for Rental Housing Strategy

Today marks the publication of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee's report, 'Regulation of Private Renting', which provides the Committee's recommendations on the future shape of private rented sector regulation..

Responding to the release of today's report, Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, who provided oral evidence to the Committee, said:

“Today’s report rightly makes the case for a comprehensive, data driven strategy for the private rented sector. Too often reforms have been piecemeal, based on insufficient information to understand their true impact or how workable they are. Such a strategy needs to include assessing the impact of reforms on the supply of homes for rent at a time when demand for them is soaring.

“We agree with the Committee’s concerns about the postcode lottery that exists in tackling rogue and criminal landlords. Tenants and responsible landlords are being let down by the pitiful lack of enforcement action by councils using the array of powers available to clamp down on bad practice in the sector. Our research shows however that landlord licencing schemes are not a panacea to improving this.

“As Ministers prepare to publish plans for further reform, they should heed the Committee’s call for them to better understand the enforcement needs and capacity of local authorities.”

You can read the full report in its entirety here.