Deep Insight Nick Clay 08/01/2021

Research webinar - December 2020

This presentation was delivered in December 2020. It reviewed the Quarter 3 survey of members. This survey focused on:

Firstly tax - the survey asked landlords about their tax arrrangments and where they currently sourced tax and fianncial advice.  The survey also asked landlords about the impact of recent tax changes on their business and the influence possible tax changes may have on their business horizons.

The survey also asked landlords about possessions and Covid-19.  Landlords were asked whether they would support a loan scheme and how that could be best adminstered.

The webinar also reviewed the current Landlord Confidence Index data and presented an overview of how confidence had changed over the previous four quarters.

Finally a selection of other current research activities the Observatory are involved in was outlined.  

Further information can be found in the attached slides. 

2020 Quarter 3 Research Webinar

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