Quarterly Report Nick Clay 01/10/2020

In Focus (2020, Qtr 2) - Regulation and management


This report forms one part of the quarterly In Focus series for 2020. In Focus distils the policy research activity the NRLA undertake with its members. For Quarter 2 there are two main reports, this report focuses on Regulation and Management issues. This quarter we have published a second In Focus report which highlights student landlords and the specific challenges they were anticipating in advance of the 2020/2021 academic year.

The 2020 Quarter 2 survey had 1,707 respondents, of these 1,645 responses (96.4%) were from currently active landlords.

Latest thoughts on the Tenant Fees Act

The NRLA has frequently expressed concern that on impact of the Tenant Fees Act will be the passing on of greater fees and costs landlords face to tenants, thereby reducing transparency.  

Coronavirus makes it impossible to separate the impact of the Act on rents and rent change in this yearly review. 

However, landlords are continuing to switch away from their previous use of letting agents with price identified as a key driver of change. Many landlords are opting to self-manage whilst others are moving to internet-based services.

Regulatory issues – licensing

Landlords are suspicious of licensing, believing it is a revenue generator rather than a serious mechanism for addressing key issues in the PRS.

Their willingness to engage with licensing is based on the proviso that those running such schemes are able to demonstrate that they truly raise the experience of the Private Rented Sector (PRS) for all stakeholders. Thus landlords wish to see proper evaluation and performance measures to justify the licensing fees they pay.

Tenant deposit providers

Adjudication services offered as part of tenancy deposit schemes are rarely, if ever, used. This itself shows the success of the initiative. However, when these services are required, satisfaction among landlords is somewhat underwhelming. The responses to this survey are not dissimilar to those expressed last year in a similar survey. 

The survey provides an indication landlords feel service levels among providers could be improved.

Landlords and EIC requirements

Landlords are, in the main, paying attention to the legislation and are meeting the requirements of the EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate) rules and regulations. 

Even with the restrictions resultant from Covid-19, landlords have pressed ahead with their plans for getting their properties to the required standard.

The survey identifes two, albeit relatively small, groups of landlords for whom a campaign of awareness raising would be beneficial.

NRLA In Focus 2020 Qtr 2 - Regulation & Management

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