2023 Qtr 4 consultation

Complete our consultation - your chance to win £500 worth of John Lewis vouchers

Please spare some time and complete our quarterly consultation. To say "Thank you" for doing so, we have upped the prize draw for this quarter only - to £500 of John Lewis vouchers!

Each quarter we select different topics that affect your business. This quarter, among other topics:

  • How will proposed leasehold reforms affect your business? 
  • Have you ever entered into a sub-letting agreement with another landlord or agency? What was your experience?
  • Have you ever thought about - or been asked - to adapt a property (for example for older tenants or tenants with a disability)? 
  • Are you likely to sell property during 2024? How about raising rents? If so, why? If not, why not?


This survey will take 25-30 minutes to complete. We recommend you use a PC, laptop or larger tablet device, rather than a mobile phone. 

Our quarterly consultation is our most extensive survey exercise. They form the basis of our campaigns, our policy proposals, and our media work. All who complete the survey are entered automatically into our draw for £500 of John Lewis vouchers

(Please note that in order for non-members to enter our prize draw, we will create a free guest account for you. You will receive a welcome email, but no further marketing correspondence. Guest members can also access additional content on the website free of charge. Current full and guest members who are logged in can just follow the link.) 

Please note - if you have already completed this consultation then don't worry, you will also be included in the £500-voucher super-draw!  

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