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The NRLA has partnered with, the UK's only London-listed rent guarantor provider. does exactly as the name suggests: the company acts as the rent guarantor for tenants in exchange for a fee. 

Founded by an active landlord who is now also the CEO, the longer-term aim of is to make the general rental experience better for both tenants and landlords. Key Benefits for Landlords:

  • Guarantee of unpaid rent if the tenant fails to pay
  • We are backed by Lloyds of London insurers
  • We manage and pay for the eviction of defaulting tenants
  • No additional cost to the landlord
  • Peace of mind knowing that your tenant's rent is fully covered if the worst comes to the worst
  • Founded and led by an active landlord - you can be sure we're in tune with your needs

What is

We are a company that acts as a rent guarantor for tenants. This is instead of the tenant asking a family member or other individual to take on any potential heavy financial burden. There are no such awkward conversations or pushbacks with us. 

How does a tenant apply for the RentGuarantor product? 

Tenants apply via and follow a simple process that involves proving income. If all documents are submitted quickly, we turn around applications within 24 hours. 

What is the typical cost for a tenant? 

Applying is free. Typically, the final cost for the tenant is around 90% of a single month's rent. THE LANDLORD PAYS NOTHING. There are options available for the tenant to pay this fee upfront or in installments via our partners Payl8r and PayPal (subject to acceptance). 

What does the rent guarantee cover? 

We guarantee a tenant's rent for a 12-month period. If tenants are unable to pay their rent, we will pay the landlord in line with our T&Cs before coming to an agreement with the tenant to repay any payment we have made on their behalf. 



To Guarantor or Not Guarantor: That is the Question

A few regular comments and queries regularly crop up when NRLA partners speak to landlords whose tenants using their rent guarantor service. In this blog post, the team at outline three of their most popular landlord question areas.

Insights and Opinions Paul Foy 31/05/2022
To Guarantor or Not Guarantor: That is the Question