Accreditation: how does it work?

What are the requirements?

  • be an owner of private residential properties, currently letting or with the intention to let, in England or Wales.  If let property is owned by a company then we recommend at least one of the directors become an NRLA Accredited Landlord. The scheme is not appropriate for local authority owned or housing association properties where other agreements already apply. The scheme is not aimed at letting agents or property managers, but they are welcome to become accredited with us if they are also landlords in their own right.
  • be a valid paid up member of the NRLA.
  • meet the Fit and Proper Person criteria.
  • accept and adhere to the NRLA Code of Practice.
  • meet the requirements for Continuous Professional Development within the first 12 months of registering and continue to meet them at each accreditation anniversary; that is a minimum of 5 valid 'Core' CPD points and 5 valid 'Standard' CPD points. Core points need to be renewed every 5 years and standard points need to be renewed annually.
  • co-operate and assist NRLA to investigate and resolve complaints made about my practice as a private residential landlord in accordance with the NRLA Code of Practice.

Read full terms and conditions of the scheme.

Core CPD Guide

Standard CPD Guide

Previously accredited with NLA or RLAAS?

Make sure you read the section above about requirements and the terms and conditions for the scheme – there have been some important changes about what counts as CPD and how long CPD is valid for.

If you were accredited with NLA or RLAAS on 27th July 2020, then after you have registered for the new NRLA scheme, you will automatically become accredited with the NRLA.

You can register for the new scheme now, but if on completing registration, you do not appear as currently accredited, please bear with us for just a few more days while we finish configuring your CPD records for the new scheme. 

If you were accredited with the NLA on 27 July 2020, you will find that your core points activity record will expire between now and 01/01/2022.  In order to help you transition to the new scheme, we will soon be offering you 1 free core e-learning course which we really hope you will find useful and enjoyable. This offer will also apply to members transitioning from the RLAAS scheme and have core points expiring between now and 01/01/2022, and also any non-accredited member who had started working towards accreditation by completing at least one core subject on the NLA online library between 01/10/10 and 27/07/20.  Emails will go out to members eligible for the free course to explain more in the next few days, once we have set up this facility, so please do not to book your course until you receive our email with instructions.

Register for the NRLA accreditation scheme now

​​​​​​​How do I become accredited?

If you have not been accredited with NLA or RLAAS before, or your accreditation had expired at 27/07/2020, then you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Join the NRLA if you are not a current member.
  2. Register for the scheme
  3. Choose your core training
  4. Update your core training every 5 years
  5. Undertake and log 5 standard CPD points each year
  6. Maintain NRLA membership

After successful registration for the accreditation scheme, the member must earn 5 core CPD points to become accredited. From August 2020 we are automatically recording when any of our members undertake core learning, so some members will find they are already accredited as soon as they register, because the system already knows they have completed the core learning. Other members who undertook core learning with NLA or RLA in the past and had not logged it before, will be able to manually declare this once they have registered for the scheme and staff will be able to check and verify. Core CPD Guide

Once the Core CPD has been verfified, they will receive a certificate to confirm accreditation and will be able to download the accredited logo or ‘badge’ for their use.

In addition to the core points, another 5 'standard' points of CPD need to be obtained each year. There are loads of ways to earn these, some are automatically logged for you, some you will need to manually self-declare. Many courses, meetings, webinars and journals from external organisations will also earn you CPD – you just have to remember to log on and declare it. Standard CPD Guide

NRLA administrators will undertake random annual audits of CPD. Accredited members are required to cooperate in providing any information requested to confirm the attainment of CPD and training.

Email reminders will go out before each anniversary, so it’s important that to keep your email address up to date on your website profile.

Can I passport into the NRLA scheme from another UK accreditation scheme?

Many courses and training offered by other major UK accrediting bodies will also earn members their core points, and most meetings and events that can be verified by us as professional development for residential landlords will be able to be logged as standard CPD points.


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