Ending a Tenancy

What we will cover:

  • The process of ending a tenancy
  • How to determine which notice to serve
  • Using a Section 21 (S21) and the accelerated route to possession
  • What is a Section 8 (S8) and how to gain possession using the standard route
  • What action to take if the tenant doesn’t vacate the property
  • How to avoid harassment, illegal eviction and your duty to your tenant's belongings
Who's it for?Landlords and Agents
CPD Points Awarded5 standard
From £97 for NRLA Members.
From £121 for non-members.
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Remote Self study at your own pace
Duration: 5 hours
Members: £97
Non Members: £121
Tuesday 9th July 2024
Members: £110
Non Members: £138
Friday 20th September 2024
Members: £145
Non Members: £182


  • Understand the options for ending a tenancy
  • Serve notice lawfully, following the relevant regulations
  • Determine the legal course of action if the tenant fails to vacate the property
  • How to avoid harassment, illegal eviction and your duty to your tenant's belongings


There are many reasons a landlord may require possession of their property back. However, due to increasing legislation even the most experienced landlords can find ending a tenancy to be a daunting process, time consuming and costly. Therefore, it is paramount that landlords understand the procedures and follow the correct steps in order to get property back as swiftly as possible, minimising financial loss while maintaining a good relationship with the tenant. This course will help landlords and agents to understand the process and assist with following the regulations to enable the process to be as smooth as possible.

This course is based on English lesgislation. Please view our Welsh courses for Welsh legislation.

This training course qualifies for 5 continuous professional development (CPD) points which can help towards or maintain your accreditation with the NRLA. If you are interested in becoming an accredited landlord with the NRLA, CPD points are necessary to achieve that status. 

NRLA Accreditation recognises landlords who have agreed to maintain professional standards in the management and maintenance of their rented property and deal fairly and professionally with their tenants. Accredited members demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities and obligations and strive to maintain, increase and improve their knowledge of the market through training and development. CPD points are awarded for all activities which improve those attributes and are a requisite of membership of the NRLA Accreditation Scheme.  

For more details visit the accreditation section on the website. 

Suitable for

  • New landlords who have yet to experience an end of tenancy
  • Landlords who have not executed possession proceedings for over a year
  • Landlords who have completed one of our Fundamentals courses who wish to extend on their knowledge in this area
  • Landlords and agents who wish to increase their skills and knowledge