How to succeed in the property business

What we will cover:

  • A review of popular property management and accounting software tools
  • Writing a compelling Social Media profile¬†
  • Characteristics, habits, and traits of a successful entrepreneur¬†
  • How to find the most profitable business model
  • The 7 steps of Goal setting using the Brian Tracy Formula¬†
Who's it for?Landlords and Agents
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Wednesday 10th July 2024
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Wednesday 12th June 2024
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  • To improve your mindset, organisation, and focus
  • To help you to take your life to the next level
  • To challenge you to understand – “What is holding me back?”


Running the business of property and finding the right strategy and business model is a challenging. Everything is hard before it’s easy. Successful people make a habit of getting things done by setting goals and having the right mindset, being consistently motivated, organised, disciplined, and systemised, but these traits and skills can be learned by anyone.

This course helps you to understand how to develop the right mindset while exploring in detail the current business opportunities including a financial breakdown and the pros and cons of several models including: HMOs, Airbnb, Single lets, ‘Flipping’ Property and Land Planning Gain. We also examine new business models some of which allow you to become involved in property without having the usual 30% cash deposit and consider popular software tools to help your organisation, productivity and compliance to reduce legal risks in the event of a problem tenant.

The course is presented by Henry Davis, a straight-talking MBA educated developer, author, and portfolio landlord of 34 years’ experience. He is an expert landlord with active building sites, many previous developments and experience of the market highs and lows through the last two property recessions.
As well as looking at the cash-flows of the various property business models, the course also details a step-by-step guide on how to source, manage, configure, and run a low tenant turnover HMO - which if done correctly, could offer the ultimate return on investment. We also look at what are the key areas to scale your business by attracting investors or raising finance with advice on how you market and present yourself with the right social media profile.

We often become preoccupied with our limitations, instead of “getting your head in the right place” because the quality of your thinking determines the success of your outcomes. Your own mindset and building your knowledge and confidence are important, but how do you really change, improve, and build confidence, if your weaknesses are holding you back? The answer is believing and understanding the power of change while doing a Life Audit and SWAT Analysis on yourself with the idea to leverage your strengths, while dramatically improving the weaknesses which held you back. With self-discipline, improved routine and greater clarity of your goals, serious achievement is possible, even if you have zero property experience.

Suitable for

  • All landlords
  • All agents