Managing Rent Arrears

What we will cover:

  • Assisting tenants identify grants and local authority funding to pay off their rent arrears 
  • Establishing if a tenant Can’t or Won’t pay their rent
  • Key skills to open communication with tenants and maintaining engagement
  • Identifying Priority and Non-priority debts 
  • Carrying out a basic benefit assessment 
Who's it for?Landlords and Agents
CPD Points Awarded3 standard
£70 for NRLA Members.
£88 for non-members.
Prices include VAT
Friday 12th July 2024
Members: £70
Non Members: £88
Monday 16th September 2024
Members: £70
Non Members: £88


  • Identify grants and local authority funding available to tenants to help pay towards rent arrears
  • Stabilise income by having rent arrears paid by grants and funding 
  • Avoid the expense and inconvenience of court proceedings and finding new tenants
  • Keep an otherwise good tenant in their home


When tenants run up arrears of thousands of pounds it is easy to throw up your hands, assume they will never be paid, and move straight to eviction proceedings. However, this is a mistake; if you take the time and trouble to speak to tenants and source additional funding, you will often find that tenants can be supported to continue living at the property. 

Eviction proceedings help nobody. They are expensive and time-consuming and once over, the landlord has all the bother of finding a new tenant. If the existing tenants look after the property well, it is far better to try to help them remain. This course will take you through the steps to do this, and whilst there are no guarantees that you will always be able to help tenants remain, in many cases, you will. And every tenant who is helped to remain in their property is a gain.

This training course qualifies for 4 continuous professional development (CPD) points which can help towards or maintain your accreditation with the NRLA. If you are interested in becoming an accredited landlord with the NRLA, CPD points are necessary to achieve that status. 

NRLA Accreditation recognises landlords who have agreed to maintain professional standards in the management and maintenance of their rented property and deal fairly and professionally with their tenants. Accredited members demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities and obligations and strive to maintain, increase and improve their knowledge of the market through training and development. CPD points are awarded for all activities which improve those attributes and are a requisite of membership of the NRLA Accreditation Scheme.  

For more details visit the accreditation section on the website. 

Suitable for

  • New landlords
  • Accidental landlords
  • Established landlords who need to refresh knowledge
  • Letting agents