Saving Property Tax


  • Understand your tax obligations as a landlord 
  • Learn what you are able to claim and how to maximise the benefit 
  • Awareness of simple planning techniques to reduce your tax bill 
  • Understand the benefits and pitfalls of running a property business through a company 


Like other business owners, landlords need to understand their tax obligations. An understanding of how property income is taxed and the rules on what may be claimed will enable you to minimise your tax bill, meaning thousands of pounds can be saved simply by understanding the rules. The course will explain how property income is taxed and the trainer will use various worked examples to illustrate relevant points. You will learn about deductions and allowances you may claim, gain knowledge on potential tax planning measures, and get numerous hints and tips for reducing your annual tax bill. 

This training course qualifies for 4 continuous professional development (CPD) points which can help towards or maintain your accreditation with the NRLA. If you are interested in becoming an accredited landlord with the NRLA, CPD points are necessary to achieve that status. 

NRLA Accreditation recognises landlords who have agreed to maintain professional standards in the management and maintenance of their rented property and deal fairly and professionally with their tenants. Accredited members demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities and obligations and strive to maintain, increase and improve their knowledge of the market through training and development. CPD points are awarded for all activities which improve those attributes and are a requisite of membership of the NRLA Accreditation Scheme.  

For more details visit the accreditation section on the website. 

Suitable for

  • New or established landlords seeking to understand their tax obligations 
  • Landlords looking to reduce their annual tax bill due to the impact of ‘Section 24’ or other reasons 
  • Landlords with large amounts of expenditure needing to understand what they can claim