Specialist Landlord Tax

What we will cover:

  • A complete analysis of Income tax and its relationship with Section 24
  • Allowable expenses and what to offset – which allowances and reliefs are you losing every year?
  • Full explanation of Section 24 tax implications and clear worked examples
  • An explanation of why 20% taxpayers are possibly the most vulnerable - how often do you hear the soundbites that a 20% taxpayer will not be affected?
  • Templates created by our trainer will be shared to enable landlords to complete calculations on their own personal portfolios and to understand their tax liability
  • Your 20% tax reducer (interest relief) may not be your finance costs!
  • Whether to operate as a company or individual investor (pros and cons of incorporation)
  • LLPs - a thorough explanation of the benefits of an LLP and how the drafting of ‘model clauses’ - which are shared - are essential to get the required flexibility for tax purposes
  • In the light of S24 - remodel, restructure or refinance?
  • Wealth management - an introduction to CGT, IHT and use of Trusts to protect wealth over generations.
  • Overseas properties and Holiday Lets
  • Making tax digital
  • Smart exits and strategies during your lifetime
Who's it for?Landlords
CPD Points Awarded5 standard
From £140 for NRLA Members.
From £175 for non-members.
Prices include VAT
Wednesday 19th June 2024
Members: £154
Non Members: £193
Wednesday 31st July 2024
Members: £154
Non Members: £193
Monday 26th August 2024
Members: £154
Non Members: £193
Wednesday 18th September 2024
Members: £140
Non Members: £175

Please note due to copyright law a pack of the key slides will be made available after the course. The eCLassroom course format is not recorded for the same reason.


  • To provide landlords with a secure knowledge of the income tax system and its relationship to S24 
  • To understand how S24 is calculated and how to mitigate the impact of S24
  • To understand what to offset as an expense, and how to manage expenses 
  • To investigate the structures and options of how to hold property
  • To consider the pros and cons of selling and transferring property into a company
  • To investigate the strengths and case for LLPs and their essential clauses
  • To consider wealth management – a worked example of the impact of ‘tax efficient’ strategies on an estate will be shared and analysed
  • To confirm how Making Tax Digital will be introduced 


Landlords need to understand their tax obligations, together with a working knowledge of the tax system to remain profitable in the current challenging tax environment for landlords.

Whether you are an investor, accidental landlord or a portfolio landlord, understanding the different tax structures you can operate in, and their key benefits is essential to maintaining a profitable and tax efficient investment or business. This course will explain how property income is taxed within each structure and the trainer will share ‘user friendly’ worked examples. There will be opportunities to apply what you have learnt during the course. Bring your calculators!

Please note: The course materials for this course will be emailed out after the course has taken place and the eClassroom version of this course is not recorded.

This training course qualifies for 5 continuous professional development (CPD) points which can help towards or maintain your accreditation with the NRLA. If you are interested in becoming an accredited landlord with the NRLA, CPD points are necessary to achieve that status. 

NRLA Accreditation recognises landlords who have agreed to maintain professional standards in the management and maintenance of their rented property and deal fairly and professionally with their tenants. Accredited members demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities and obligations and strive to maintain, increase and improve their knowledge of the market through training and development. CPD points are awarded for all activities which improve those attributes and are a requisite of membership of the NRLA Accreditation Scheme.  

For more details visit the accreditation section on the website. 

Suitable for

  • Landlords who are considering how to structure their BTL portfolios
  • Landlords who wish to know how to calculate their S24 liability
  • New investors entering the market
  • Landlords who are considering exiting the market and are considering wealth management across generations – what are your choices?