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The Key to Property Investment

What we will cover:

  • Step-by-step guide on how to buy cheap property not available on the internet or open market
  • How to value property and evaluate deals more easily and accurately
  • Where and how to find insider market intelligence and hidden data
  • Finance & bridging innovations, and how to improve your credit score
  • House price to earnings data and using it to find the next property hotspot
  • How to avoid development cost overruns and builder disputes
  • Interiors, design and fit-out advice, and furnishing and buying tips
  • Online advert writing, branding, and how to create a 'wow' factor
  • How to begin or grow your portfolio by building connections with the right professionals and mentors, including: agents, mortgage brokers, solicitors, architects, accountants, planners, quality surveyors, and more
Who's it for?Landlords
CPD Points Awarded4 standard
From £107.20 for NRLA Members.
From £134.40 for non-members.
20% off
20% off
Wednesday 27th October 2021
Members: £107.20
Non Members: £134.40
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Wednesday 24th November 2021
Members: £107.20
Non Members: £134.40


  • Overcome common challenges, reduce risk, and understand the future direction of the market
  • Professionalise your sourcing, due diligence, deal evaluation, valuations, and marketing
  • How to buy below real (true) market value, which is often lower than auction prices


This course is designed to help you understand the challenges and trends in a changing marketplace and improve your management, information sources, sourcing and due diligence skills. We look at threats and opportunities to help you reduce your risks, plan better and gain insight on the future direction of a changing marketplace. You will learn insider 'tricks of the trade', focusing on market intelligence, due diligence and specialist sourcing techniques. We'll show you how to build solid business foundations by connecting with the right team of professional advisors to support and mentor you. We teach you the 'buying right' and sourcing skills vital for creating wealth, and also discuss how to buy property below true (real) market value without involving estate agents, auctions or any online searching. You will receive a step-by-step guide on evaluating deals, calculate yields and how anyone, even if inexperienced can learn how to accurately value property. We explore trends including: over-supply, profiting from the decline of the high street, government legislation and more. We also explain how to hedge risks through economic cycles, similar to strategies developed by hedge funds.

This training course qualifies for 4 continuous professional development (CPD) points which can help towards or maintain your accreditation with the NRLA. If you are interested in becoming an accredited landlord with the NRLA, CPD points are necessary to achieve that status. 

NRLA Accreditation recognises landlords who have agreed to maintain professional standards in the management and maintenance of their rented property and deal fairly and professionally with their tenants. Accredited members demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities and obligations and strive to maintain, increase and improve their knowledge of the market through training and development. CPD points are awarded for all activities which improve those attributes and are a requisite of membership of the NRLA Accreditation Scheme.  

For more details visit the accreditation section on the website. 

Suitable for

  • Novice or experienced landlords interested in learning credible trade secrets and who want to understand the tools, strategies and mindsets of highly successful property traders and landlords