Landlord Programme

Why should I take this programme?

Whether you're a new landlord embarking on this journey for the first time, or a landlord with many years' experience, this programme is suitable for you. It is designed to provide detailed knowledge of all the key areas of renting, tenancy management and to prepare you to deal with many of the challenges that lie ahead.  

Our Landlords Fundamentals course will give you an excellent overview of the entire lettings process and your legal obligations at each point of a tenancy. Rent arrears can be an inevitable part of any lettings business but with successful management it is possible to prevent such a situation occurring. Managing Rent Arrears explores how to avoid arrears and is also a useful guide if your tenant does fall behind with rent. The introduction of GDPR in 2018 saw changes to key obligations in the way that landlords deal with sensitive personal information and the course will explain and clarify the new requirements. Property standards have become more and more complex over recent years and operating a safe lettings business is key to providing secure homes to tenants and avoiding disrepair, accidents and fines. This course goes into depth about what is deemed as a safe and secure property and how you can ensure your properties meet the required standards.

Landlord Fundamentals

An overview of the full lettings process, this course will guide you through each stage of the tenancy process and provide all the knowledge required to ensure your tenancy are legally compliant.

Course TypeeLearning
Who's it for?Landlords
Estimated Duration5 hours
CPD Points Awarded5 core

General Data Protection for Landlords and Agents

Understand how GDPR affects you and your business and learn how to comply with the regulations for the lawful processing of data.

Course TypeeLearning
Who's it for?Landlords and Agents
Estimated Duration1 hour
CPD Points Awarded1 standard

Managing Rent Arrears

Minimise the risk of your tenant falling into arrears, learn how to spot the signs that this could be imminent and how you can settle disputes both in and outside of court.

Course TypeeLearning
Who's it for?Landlords and Agents
Estimated Duration4 hours
CPD Points Awarded4 standard

Property Standards

Learn about the different legislation governing this complex topic, how these apply to single dwelling properties and what is required from landlords and agents in maintaining appropriate standards

Course TypeeLearning
Who's it for?Landlords and Agents
Estimated Duration2 hours
CPD Points Awarded2 standard

Landlord Programme


£98 for NRLA Members.
£160 for non-members.