Comfortable Homes, Smart Savings: A Landlord's Guide to Retrofitting

What we will cover:

  • Retrofitting for energy efficiency and renewables - using the EPC
  • A steady indoor temperature through insulation, draught proofing, and effective glazing
  • Ventilation systems and smart controls
  • Air sourced heat pumps and other heating and hot water systems
  • Encouraging nature, to reduce flood risk and increase health benefits
  • Lower water use
  • Solar panels and battery-storage 
  • Energy-efficient lights and white goods
Who's it for?Landlords
CPD Points Awarded5 standard
£154 for NRLA Members.
£193 for non-members.
Prices include VAT
Wednesday 10th July 2024
Members: £154
Non Members: £193
Monday 9th September 2024
Members: £154
Non Members: £193


  • Understand how to provide comfortable, cheap-to-run homes for happy tenants
  • Help to lower bills and fuel security for your and your tenants
  • Provide homes free from mould and cold with improved capital value
  • Knowledge of the right systems for insulation, heating, ventilation, and renewables
  • Understand how to meeting energy performance requirements
  • Contribute to the environment and net zero targets


Do you want the best, most able-to-pay tenants? Do you want to increase the value of your properties making them fit for the 21st century? Do you want to ‘do your bit’ for the climate and nature? Dr Sue Roberts shows you how to retrofit your homes for energy-efficiency, this interactive session.

  • How do I start? Which are the most cost-effective and useful installations to keep the home dry, and at the right temperature? How do I prevent mould with whole-house ventilation? What life-enhancing measures would engage nature’s  health-benefits; and protect from flood, noise and overheating? How could we reduce fresh water-use? How can energy suppliers help?
  • How do we keep a steady indoor temperature - not too cold not too hot? Sue runs through the different insulation materials and how to fit them to different parts of a home, how to eliminate uncontrolled draughts and to optimise heat-retention from windows and doors.
  • What heating system would suit my properties and reduce bills? Sue explains how heat pumps work, whether they would work for you; and talks about radiant heaters, storage heaters, different electricity tariffs; and the importance of good heating controls and apps. Sue will run through different options for heating water.
  • Become an electricity generator! Sue outlines the cost-benefits to a landlord of solar (photovoltaic or PV) panels and the value of installing a battery. There is discussion of electric use in the home: LED lights, car chargers, and white goods.   

Sue is an experienced Domestic Energy Assessor and Green Deal Advisor. She has advised hundreds of householders on insulation, ventilation and renewables herself, and through her team at her former company, Ecomorph Ltd. She is an engaging speaker who runs discussions with ‘fuel poor’ families, environmental groups, MPs and councillors. Many of the retrofit-options she describes have been put in place in her rental properties and her own home (which featured on the Government’s Superhomes website). But watch out! Sue wants you to work too in these interactive sessions.

Suitable for

  • Landlords
  • Letting and Managing Agents