If you don’t have a TradePoint card or would like to request a new card, you can request one here.

It can take up to 6 weeks for your physical card to be posted to you. NRLA will receive your 8/10-digit card number digitally (usually) within 2 weeks of your request.

If you would like to purchase from TradePoint online you will need to register your 16 digit card number found on your card as soon as possible. Please be aware that the 16-digit card number will change when you request a new card (either in store or from the NRLA website). Your 8-digit card number will always remain the same.

Once you have registered online you won’t need to quote the 16-digit card number again.

To buy online:

  1. Go to https://www.trade-point.co.uk/
  2. Register with TradePoint and input your 16 digit card number to apply the 10% discount
  3. If your 16 digit card number has expired please visit your local TradePoint store to be issued a new number.

NRLA will not be able to display your 16 digit-card number at this time so please keep a record of this.

Why purchase from TradePoint?