Industry News Tim Thomas 22/09/2021

NRLA responds to the Welsh Government's extension of notice periods

Following the Welsh Government's decision to extend notice periods, the NRLA has issued a response to this news setting out the impact this move will have on the Welsh private rented sector.

This latest announcement means that private landlords will need to give tenants six months notice before evicting renters from a property. The Welsh Government has confirmed that these arrangements will stay in place until 31 December 2021.

Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of The National Residential Landlords Association, said:  

“The further extension of longer notice periods is yet another blow to the Welsh private rented sector and will only worsen the ongoing rent arrears crisis.

“Expecting landlords to carry the burden of extended notice periods is doomed to fail and the Welsh Government’s desire to continue kicking the can down the road is jeopardising the long-term future of many landlords’ businesses and in turn, the security of tenants who rely upon them.

“This announcement indicates that the Welsh Government lacks a coherent strategy to address the many issues affecting the private rented sector. The little publicised Tenancy Hardship Grant has helped less than half a dozen tenants and without a clear plan to exit emergency measures, the rent debt crisis will worsen, leaving many tenants with damaged credit scores, saddled with debt and local authorities unable to meet demand.”