Regional News Victoria Barker 13/07/2020

Additional HMO licensing scheme to be renewed in Camden

An additional HMO licensing scheme in Camden will be renewed for another five years after plans were given the green light by the council’s cabinet last week.

The renewal of the scheme means that landlords of HMOs in the London Borough of Camden (that don’t fall into the scope of mandatory licensing) will be required to renew the licence. The current additional licensing scheme expires on 8th December.

Consultation and fees

More than 1000 people responded to the 12 week consultation on the plans, including the then RLA.

In the association’s response, concerns were raised about the ‘excessively high‘ cost of licences, which could lead to some landlords being left with no choice but to pass this cost on to tenants in the form of increased rents.

The fee landlords must pay to renew a licence has been reduced slightly from the fee set out in the original consultation proposals. It has been reduced to £1130, not the £1300 per licence as initially proposed.

The scheme

The designation for the new scheme was made on the 8 July, and will come into force when the current scheme expires on 8 December 2020. More information can be read on the council’s website.

Chris Norris explains about Camden's licensing scheme.

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