Call of the Week NRLA Advice Line 30/09/2020

Call of the Week: Which tenancy agreement do I need?

A member gave our advice team a call with a query around the types of tenancy agreement that we offer.

They are considering investing in HMOs and wanted to learn a little more about the types of tenancy agreements relating to this.

On the NRLA website, they had spotted that we have an agreement designed for renting to families, individuals and couples, that rents out the whole property; and that we also offer an agreement that rents out an individual room and is designed for sharers.

This was new to our member, and they wondered if there had been a change to the law that caused this.

Our adviser explained that there was no change to legislation or case law, it was just a way of advising our members as to what might be the most suitable type of agreement for them to use. The member then asked our adviser some further questions about joint tenancy agreements and room-only tenancy agreements, and what may be the best option for them to go with.

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