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How to keep your property warm

As the weather gets cooler and with bills on the rise, more of us are looking for ways to keep warm, without breaking the bank. 

In the latest video from NRLA partner TradePoint (B&Q), the company shares some advice for keeping the heat in during cooler weather. This advice can apply to homeowners too, and not just landlords.

How to make a home warm and cosy ahead of a cold spell:

  1. It sounds obvious, but dealing with any draughts in the property is a good first step when it comes to keeping the heat in. To keep out the cold, you can use a self-adhesive draught seal, which is easy to apply.
  2. If you provide window coverings in your rental property, why not consider investing in curtains which have thermal lining? This can really help to keep heat in. Ensuring the length of the curtains goes below the windowsill is also a good idea. As well as windows, you could consider using a thermal curtain over a front door too.
  3. If you have a garage door, you can consider using draught excluder to keep heat in.
  4. When it comes to radiators, make sure you have a thermostatic valve so you can control how warm it is. Ensure you are getting the maximum from your radiators by double checking they don’t need bleeding. And try to avoid putting furniture such as sofas right up against radiators, as this could prevent heat from reaching other areas of the room. Adding an aluminium radiator roll behind the radiator can help to reflect heat back into the room, too.
  5. You can also utilise heat from the kitchen by leaving the oven door ajar just after cooking. Of course, ensure pets and the like are safely out of the way first.
  6. Covering hard floors with rugs can also help make a room more cosy.

These are just some tips provided by NRLA partner TradePoint (B&Q). For more, watch the following video:

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