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How To Maximise Your Property and Stay Ahead of Interior Trends

No different to residents all over the world, UK residents have spent a remarkable amount of time indoors over the last three years. During this unprecedented time, residents were given time to reflect on their home surroundings and really experience their interiors in a depth of intensity not felt before.

Well-being is inherent in our daily practice; our interactions, routine and especially our surroundings all impact our health and wellbeing. Whether it be consciously or subconsciously, the lockdown has made many people look past the surface aesthetic of their interiors and question the benefits of their furnishings and interiors. Lockdown also served to put people back in touch with their innate human desires to feel safe and comfortable within their homes, viewing the home as a secure refuge from the rest of the world.

Residents are demanding more from their home interiors, not settling for impersonal feeling designs. Instead, they are questioning what the design can do for them and how it will make them feel. For a landlord, this poses challenges as well as huge opportunities. It is about finding an overall design aesthetic that can serve to bolster the feeling of comfort and well-being while staying relevant and appealing to a wide audience.

A well-designed space is a timeless aesthetic that ticks all the boxes. When done right, touches or layers of design throughout a property can create a feeling of safety through plush comfort and warmth while maintaining a visually enticing look.

For landlords, the term “well-designed” might be instinctively linked to expense. This is by no means the case; a well-designed interior is a look and feel that can be achieved through careful and considered design practices. We’re here to show you how to get a well-designed look and create a standout interior without the high-end price tag.

Attaining Well-Designed Interiors While Retaining Your Budget

Knowing how to create a well-designed feeling in any property is a matter of understanding design styles and how to use home furnishings effectively. Investing in your property in the right areas, such as a strong design feel, will provide higher yields and fewer voids for the future. It is proven that landlords can expect 10% more rent from furnished properties, plus it allows potential residents to better envisage themselves living in the property when viewing. 

A well-designed interior is an immediate way to make a house a home. When a resident feels that a design has been considered in more than just a visual sense and their overall well-being has been thought of, they immediately feel more secure and connected to a property.

Such home touches that serve as a base to build layers of luxury and help breathe warmth into a property are a plush sofa, a sumptuous floor rug, generously stuffed cushions, a well-thought-out colour scheme and finishing touches of artwork and lighting.

Furnishings are integral to creating the feeling of a well-designed interior, but they are useless without being styled and incorporated into the design appropriately. We’ll have a look at what it really means to get designed interiors for less and how it can be achieved for any property.

Keep Your Style Simple...

One of the biggest challenges residents face is keeping a house looking consistently clean and tidy. When you want to make a room look and feel well-designed, minimalistic designs stop spaces from becoming cluttered and messy. This allows residents to keep their homes looking spick-and-span, keeping the luxury look alive.

A minimalist aesthetic is perfect if you’re looking for stunning but simple interiors. Neutral colours such as cream, pewter and lilac accentuate the minimalistic nature of rooms while making them look bright, airy and spacious. Alongside some tasteful home furnishing accessories, minimalism has a simple but refined feel to it allowing the focus to rest on the key pieces in a room.

…Or Go All Out

While the saying “less is more” has a lot of sway to it, sometimes it’s the opposite that’s true. If a simple style isn’t your taste, then maybe a bolder look is a better fit.

Going all out means embracing grand designs, mixing strong colours with rich patterns or exploring textures. However, this design trend doesn’t mean you need a big budget, just an understanding of interior design and easy access to the right home furnishing accessories.

Colour palettes are incredibly important in achieving the luxury look for less with this style. Deep purples and dark blues have an almost royal quality about them, so choose rich and lavish tones to get that look of modern glamour. Gold and topaz finishes ooze luxury too, some well-placed accessories can rapidly elevate the tone of the room.

Harnessing Textures

The look of a well-designed space is one thing, but the feel of it is something else entirely. Comfort and cosiness are key for creating authentically luxe-designed interiors and reinforcing the feeling of security for inhabitants. When furnishing your rental property, think about using modular sofas and faux fur blankets for the right balance of richness and style.

Also, a subtle and cost-efficient method to giving a punch of design is through a selection of complementary cushions. Changing your cushions regularly keeps a property fresh and vibrant without the need for high spending or effort. Velvet and silk cushions in particular are great for making any room look and feel luxurious.

Unique People Deserve Unique Spaces

As resident expectation grows and the rental market remains more competitive than ever, you need to make sure your property is more memorable than the next property a resident may view. If you have something unique about your property, it’s more likely to stay in potential residents’ minds’ when they weigh up their options.

Artwork does much more than give a cultured, sophisticated look to a space. Eye-catching pieces make a property look more stylised and current, so don’t be afraid of hanging pieces that push the ordinary. Confidence in a design can be felt within the space and puts residents at ease as they feel the journey of the property has been thought through previously to their arrival and all that is left to do is enjoy the space. 

Mirrors are excellent for bringing a subtle touch of design to interiors. Not only are they practical, but they also expand a space and make it feel more spacious than it is. Even if space is tight within a property, giving the impression of more room is calming to residents as it takes away any feelings of containment.

Rugs also serve many purposes within a property as they serve to tie a design together and complete a room by adding an extra layer of warmth, texture and colour. If you have the floor space, a larger rug will make a room feel more luxurious than a smaller one, it can also be used for breaking up the room and help designate sections of space.

Stay Fresh, Stay Full

We carried out our own research on landlords and their properties. 94% said the design was key to avoiding voids and increasing rental yields by keeping your property full. If you already rent out a furnished property, it can be tempting to reuse the same furniture and fittings over and over.

As identified already, renters’ expectations have changed and freshening up your property with up-to-date style and accessories is crucial to staying relevant and keeping your property full. And if you don’t deliver on that expectation, another landlord will happily oblige.

Getting a Well-Designed Interior for Less Starts Right Here

In this piece we aimed to show you that well-designed interiors can be affordable and achieving a design feel for less is much easier than it appears on the surface. All it takes is some insider knowledge and access to a range of quality furniture and home furnishing accessories to create an inspirational feeling and boost residents’ experience and well-being.


This is a huge reason so many landlords look to LOFT to help furnish their rental properties and create sanctuaries for residents’. Our extensive curated furniture packs, accessories and wide array of furniture transforms a property while maintaining your budget. Our experienced interior designers are also always on hand to provide expert guidance and a deft touch, guiding you through the potential of your property and how to achieve it. And if you’re looking to refurbish your rental property, our delivery and installation team will assemble and install your new pieces swiftly and efficiently. Sustainability is in our DNA at LOFT so not only will we remove your old furniture, but we will also responsibly recycle it too.

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