Industry News Sanjeev Shetty 19/04/2024

Landlords needed for childminding consultation

Landlords are being asked for their thoughts on childminders working out of rental homes as part of a new Government consultation.

Recent research shows more and more childminders are leaving the industry as they struggle to find suitable accommodation for their business, and last year the Government wrote to private and social landlords, housing associations and property developers, encouraging them to allow childminders to work from their premises.

Historically, some landlords have been reluctant to have childminders as tenants due to concerns about the wear and tear on the property. Some insurance and mortgage conditions also restrict landlords from allowing tenants to run childminding businesses from their properties.

However, childminders are required by Ofsted to maintain their properties to a high standard and ensure they are safe for children. Typically, they would also be long term tenants who may be willing to pay additional rent to cover any potential extra damage. 

The Government is asking whether landlords accept childminders as tenants - and for any measures that could be introduced to reduce the perceived risk. The consultation will also examine the way in which local authorities pay childminders and ways this can potentially affect payments such as Universal Credit. 

Landlords can respond to the consultation here before the deadline of May 10.              

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