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Listen: How the eviction ban has affected one tenant during lockdown

The NRLA has heard from many landlords across the country about how the extension to the moratorium on evictions, and the notice period extension, will affect them.

We’ve heard from a single mother struggling to make ends meet because her tenant has not paid rent since last year, and a landlord who is currently homeless because a tenant is refusing to move out of her rental property and has not paid rent since last year. 

We have also heard from many landlords who have been going the extra mile to support their tenants at the moment, with some taking a hit to support tenants at this time.

While there was some welcome news last week that there will be some concessions on the default notice period of six months in England when it comes to cases of anti-social behaviour, it is crucial the eviction ban lifts on 20th September.

That's why the NRLA is urging members to use our online tool to easily Write to their MP, and demand more financial support as well as a guarantee that the courts can resume hearing cases again from 20th September.

It is not just landlords who are being impacted by the current moratorium on evictions. 

One tenant who is currently living in a self-contained flat got in touch to tell us about his experiences during lockdown of living close to another tenant behaving anti-socially.

In this audio clip, Colin, who had to self-isolate during the lockdown explains why he feels it's time to lift the evictions ban.

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