Industry News Rhianna Abrey 01/04/2021

MPs call for urgent action on rent debts

The HCLG select committee published its report into the impact of Covid-19 on homelessness prevention and the PRS.

The report warned that the Government “appears to lack a clear strategy to deal with rising rent arrears” and stated “We are very concerned that the Government is waiting until there is a clear crisis emerging before intervening, rather than heading off a growing rent arrears crisis by taking proactive action to protect people in this country.”

The NRLA is cited frequently throughout the report, with particular reference to the role played by our data and research. This reflects the strength of the argument developed by NRLA and supported by the coalition of stakeholders we have maintained over recent months.

Ben Beadle, CEO, who gave evidence to the committee alongside Chris Norris, Policy Director, commented: “We welcome the report. At the heart of the Government’s plan needs to be action to tackle rent debts built as a result of the pandemic. The Committee is right to express disappointment at the lack of a clear strategy from Government to deal with this pressing issue.”

This is another example of the influence NRLA is having on political debate around the private rented sector and the NRLA was quoted in response via BBC News, I News, Politics Home and several other national and regional news outlets.