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Notice periods extended in Wales but there will be some concessions

Landlords in Wales must give tenants six months’ notice by default of their intention to gain possession in most cases until 31st March 2021, Wales’ Housing Minister Julie James MS has announced. 

The temporary six month extension to the notice period had been due to expire at the end of this month. However, there will be some concessions to the required six month notice period, following extensive NRLA campaigning.

As of 29th September, 2020, if a landlord in Wales wishes to gain possession of their property for reasons relating to anti-social behaviour or domestic violence, the required notice period will return to the pre-Covid position. 

This means for a Section 8 notice in Wales, the notice period will be:

  • One month for ground 7a
  • Immediately for ground 14

The extension brings the required notice period in line with other nations. As well as this, the Welsh Government has announced that eviction proceedings will not take place for properties in areas affected by local lockdowns and there will be a pause on eviction proceedings over the Christmas period.

Tenant Saver Loan scheme following NRLA campaigning

The Welsh Government says the extension is part of a wider package of measures to protect both tenants and landlords from the effects of the pandemic.

Last month the Welsh Government announced that low interest loan for tenants in rent arrears or struggling to pay their rent due to the pandemic will be made available, something the NRLA campaigned for.

Addressing the Senedd, Wales’ Housing Minister Julie James said:

“The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to have a significant impact on daily life and is still posing major challenges for all of us. I have therefore acted to give additional protection to renters by extending the current six month notice periods for eviction, other than the notice periods for possession grounds relating to anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse which will revert to the pre-Covid position.

“I am committed to ensuring we continue to protect renters whilst at the same time mitigating impacts on landlords and protecting communities from the harmful effects of ongoing anti-social behaviour. Where rent arrears have accumulated due to Covid-19, private rented sector tenants will soon be able to apply for a loan through the Tenancy Saver Loan scheme when it opens for applications at the end of this month."

  • To read an update on NRLA Wales campaigning on behalf of members during the Covid-19 pandemic, read this blog by NRLA Wales Policy Officer Calum Davies.
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