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How to: Seven simple ways to refresh a bathroom

Thinking of giving the bathroom at your rental property a refresh, but not sure where to start?

Perhaps a tenant has moved out and you want to give the bathroom a new lease of life before arranging a viewing?

Refreshing the bathroom at your property needn’t break the bank, and in this blog we’ll take a look at some small tips and tricks you can do at a reasonable cost, to revive a tired looking bathroom.

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Top tips for refreshing your bathroom

  • Clear out any clutter: Hopefully if a tenant has left the property, they’ve taken all their belongings with them, but have a good look round to make sure any clutter like old bottles or toothbrushes has gone-make sure to check in the cupboards too.

  • Get cleaning: Give the bathroom a thorough clean, and use different cleaning agents for each job that needs doing, such as cleaning the floor and making sure the tap and shower head is clean. You might want to also consider changing the toilet seat.

  • Take a look at the grouting: Is the grouting around the bathroom looking tired? Use a grouting pen to help rejuvenate it and make it look as good as new.

  • Showers: Make sure the shower head is clean and is not blocked. If it is,but a suitable cleaning product to give it a soak and unblock it. It’s also a good idea to change the current shower seal and replace this. This is easy to do and keeps the shower hygienic.

  • Storage: It could be a good idea to increase the amount of storage in the bathroom, if you think there needs to be more. Furniture that is free standing can make the most of a small space.

  • Consider using mirrors: Adding a good-sized mirror -though not too large- will make the space seem larger.

  • Removable accessories: Tenants will want to add their own stamp on the place, but it could be a good idea to give them a head start by adding some removable accessories such as a toothbrush holder.

Watch this video for more useful tips:

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