Partners and Suppliers Curry's Business 21/11/2023

The best energy efficient fridge freezers

Looking for a new fridge freezer that is also energy efficient? Take a look at these three fridges, as recommended by NRLA partner Curry's Business.

Save money on bills and stop chucking out food...we've got a fridge for that! 

Looking for a new fridge freezer? If you’d like to cut down on bills while your food chills, an energy efficient fridge freezer could be a wise addition to your kitchen. 

The energy rating system is based on the amount of energy your fridge freezer uses compared to the amount of internal space. In recent years, fridge energy ratings have changed. Gone is the system with too many pluses to count (A+++) and in comes a much more straightforward A-G rating. A is the most efficient and G being the least. But there are other factors that affect the rating, like how low the temperature can reach in each compartment can go and if a frost-free setting is included. 

And energy efficiency isn’t always just a letter. If your fridge freezer comes with efficient features that help cut down food waste, that can help you save money too. 

So, what is the most energy-efficient freezer out there? We’ve come up with a few great choices that are hard to beat… 

To keep fresh food at its best

Bosch Serie 4 fridge freezer 

Keeping electricity bills down is one thing, but how about a fridge freezer that helps you keep the food shopping bill down too? This Bosch Serie 4 70/30 fridge freezer comes with a brilliant compartment for fresh food - the Vita Fresh XXL 0°C drawers. These are the perfect place to keep everything from fruit and veg to fish and meat - helping to keep it at its best. Put your perishables in the drawer and you won’t be binning so much food you don’t get round to using. The Serie 4’s Multi Airflow system makes sure that every compartment is kept cool evenly and efficiently too. 

Its NoFrost technology means you won’t have to manually defrost the freezer either, saving you both energy and a very messy job.

How can I save money running my fridge freezer? 

While a new energy efficient fridge freezer is your best bet, there are some small things you can do right now to reduce your fridge or freezer’s running costs. 

  • Try and keep the fridge temperature between 3°C and 5°C, and the freezer at around -18 °C. 
  • Avoid putting hot food in your fridge - it takes more energy to cool it down. 
  • Empty fridges are obviously a waste, but don’t over fill your fridge either. Too much food means the fan can’t circulate cold air properly. 
  • Make sure door seals keep the fridge or freezer door closed properly. Any gaps will let that cool air out.  

Big household? Epic fridge freezer!

Samsung Series 8 American Style 

If you need more cooling space, the Samsung Series 8 has it - without you needing to own a mansion just to fit it in. Its SpaceMax tech means that the fridge has thinner walls, so you get a surprising amount of room inside - Tardis style. And food stays fresh thanks to Twin Cooling Plus tech, which uses two separate air flows to keep things cool without drying out that veg. 

It has 5 temperature modes, so you can help it cool more efficiently depending on what you’re keeping in the fridge. It will even turn your freezer into an extra fridge compartment and back again - so it’s a super versatile appliance. And all this for a C-rated appliance, using 43% less energy than some F grade fridge freezers.

Quick cooling, fast freezing

Grundig BioFridge VitaminZone 

Getting shopping out of the back of the car and into the fridge or freezer is vital for locking in freshness and flavour. Once you’ve stowed your shopping, use the Quick Cool and Fast Freeze touch controls on the front of Grundig's BioFridge VitaminZone 60/40 fridge freezer to get its fridge and freezer down to temperature fast. 

Its Super Fresh Zone is a great place to keep salads crunchy and steaks succulent, and every compartment is separately sealed - so your food smells won't merge either. (If you've had a fridge full of cheese, you'll know what an issue this can be!)