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The Big Question: When it comes to repairs are you a DIY-er?

When it comes to keeping your properties in top condition are you a DIY-er, or do you have a team of trusted tradesmen behind you?

This is the subject of our latest Big Question feature for NRLA members’ magazine, Property.

Each edition the regular feature explores a topical issue related to renting, to find out more about your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

There will, of course be some works you will need a qualified professional for – gas safety checks, EICRs etc - but when it comes to everyday maintenance, do you see jobs around the house part of your role as landlord – or best left to the professionals.

Maybe you are a builder yourself? Alternatively, you may have built up a trusted team of tradespeople who you call on to make repairs should your tenants need them?

Or perhaps you are flexible – picking up the smaller jobs yourself, but bringing in the professionals for more major works or repairs?

Whatever your story, we are keen to hear from you to find out a little bit more about what you do and why.

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To use your comments, we will need a short quote outlining your opinions or experiences and a small head and shoulders photograph for use in the magazine. 

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