Industry News Sam Hunter 13/10/2023

Welsh Government announces Renting Homes Wales Act implementation timings

Following the news that the Welsh Government has announced its timeline for the implementation of the Renting Homes Wales Act, the NRLA has published its response to this development.

Referring to how crucial it is for the Welsh Government to ensure existing regulations are clarified and improved, Chris Norris, Director of Policy & Campaigns at the National Residential Landlords Association, said:

“With the Welsh Government now moving forward with its plans to implement the Renting Homes Wales Act, there is still a pressing need for more clarity as to what the supporting framework of the Act looks like.

“The extent of landlords’ future obligations under this legislation also underlines how crucial it is that existing legislation be made fit for purpose before new regulations are introduced.

“While we welcome the introduction of the Act, it is vital that the supporting legislation is fit for purpose and scrutinised sufficiently. In particular, the occupation contract terms, which all landlords must use, needs to improve significantly from its original consultation draft.

“These important steps must be taken before more complex regulations are introduced by the Welsh Government over the course of this year”