Member Stories Rhianna Abrey 12/07/2022

"Without Section 21, it would have been so much harder to remove my nightmare tenants" - Alan's Story

Alan is a landlord based in Warwickshire and owns 4 properties that he rents out, all of which are apartments. He has been a landlord for 20 years and has loved being a part of the PRS.

Throughout his time as a landlord, Alan has luckily had an easy ride with his tenants and has experienced very few problems with them. However, recently, Alan signed a contract with a young couple, who initially showed every sign of being potentially good renters.

After the couple moved in disruption began immediately and complaints were swiftly raised by neighbours. Among other issues, the couple had arguments very late at night which sometimes continued for hours, and often went on until the early hours of the morning. Besides keeping their neighbours awake, this behaviour was   extremely disrespectful towards their landlord.

Luckily, after a few months Alan served a Section 21 on the tenants, meaning that they were legally evicted and ceased to be a nuisance. Since then Alan has received no complaints from neighbours in relation to the new tenants now resident in the property.

Alan told the NRLA “If I hadn’t had Section 21 at my disposal, then I’m not sure how this young couple would have been removed. They were extremely difficult to deal with and caused me a ton of stress due to their antisocial behaviour.

“In my view we’re going to see many landlords leaving the sector due to upcoming changes, which will just add to the supply and demand problem that has got progressively worse.”

Are you a landlord who has experienced problems with antisocial behaviour? Then please get in touch with our press team at [email protected]