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In Focus (2020 Qtr 4): Safety and standards


This report is one of two core outputs from the 2020 Quarter 4 Landlord Survey. This survey is part of the NRLA’s research programme which seeks to better understand landlord motivations and business perspectives.

NRLA research also looks at how housing policy – both current and potential future policy – has an influence on landlords’ ability to supply homes in the Private Rented Sector (PRS).

The other key output from this quarterly survey, the eighth edition of the Landlord Confidence Index (LCI), can be found on the NRLA website.

This report is based on 1,391 landlord responses to our survey. All landlords have their property portfolio focused in England & Wales. 

In Focus 2020 Qtr 4

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Landlord confidence

Landlord confidence is low, though a little higher than in Quarter 3.  In London however, confidence is noticeably lower than elsewhere – a drop in demand is adding to the Covid-19 difficulties landlords are facing.

The impact of EWS1 regulation and reform

From comments by those landlords affected by this regulation, there seems little confidence in the steps taken to reform and clarify legislation.

Electrical safety

Despite the added challenges of Covid-19, landlords are getting on with meeting the necessary regulatory requirements. The survey shows over 70% (72%) of landlords have undertaken an EIC report over the last twelve months. What makes this 72% figure more impressive is that these tests have been arranged and undertaken during the unique circumstances of the Covid-19 crisis.  

Closer analysis of the research shows that at least 15% and possibly as many as one-in-five (20%) landlords have been given erroneous information about the schedule for EICR updates.

Research Observatory, 2020 Qtr 4

Energy efficiency & policy changes

Almost two-thirds of landlords have made recent energy saving investments, ranging from quite simple interventions (e.g. hot water tank insulation) to more expensive investments (e.g. double/triple glazing or wall and floor insulation).

Fewer than half of all landlords surveyed believed their portfolio would be compliant with proposed new regulations by 2028, the date at which their properties would need to be at band C or higher.

A worryingly high proportion of landlords stated that were this proposal enacted, the result would be a contraction in the supply of housing in the Private Rented Sector 

In Focus 2020 Qtr 4

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