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The NRLA Wales team is based in Cardiff and represents the interests of private rented sector (PRS) landlords by maintaining good working relationships with the Welsh Government, Members of the Senedd, councillors, Rent Smart Wales, and other stakeholders in the housing sector. We also speak directly to landlords by facilitating select landlord forums.

In using its powers, the Welsh Parliament has passed three signifcant pieces of legislation governing the PRS in the last few years: the requirement to register and/or licence was brought in by the Housing Act 2014; wholescale reform is soon to come into force by the yet-to-be-implemented Renting Homes Act 2016; and the tenant fees were banned in 2019. Currently, the Welsh Government is taking a possession reform Bill through the Senedd which will significantly change the evictions regime in Wales.

NRLA Wales is here at every stage to ensure policymakers are aware of the issues affecting landlords and that their interests are heard as we aim to make the PRS work for both tenants and landlords.

Campaign - Possession Reform

Last year, the Welsh Government announced its intention to reform possession law in Wales. It has decided to press forward with its proposals – which it consulted on last summer – in the form of the Renting Homes (Amendment) Bill. The proposals are:

  • Extend the minimum notice period required under a Section 173 notice – this will replace Section 21 once the Act is commenced – from two months to six months.
  • Restrict the issue of a S173 notice until six months after the date of issue of a contract (as opposed to four months as currently set out in the Act).
  • Restrict the issuing of a S173 notice for six months after the expiry of a previous notice.
  • Remove a landlord’s ability issue a notice, during a fixed term standard contract, to end the contract at the expiry of the fixed term (under S186).
  • Restrict the use and ability to include break clauses in contracts of a certain duration.

The Bill will amend the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 before it is commenced. When the Bill passes, the amended 2016 Act will come into force before the 2021 Welsh Parliament election on 1 April 2021 as the Welsh Government intends.

NRLA Wales Priorities

NRLA Wales is committed to improving the image and perceptions of PRS landlords, working with government to shape legislation that will support them, at the same time as protecting tenants and improving standards. We believe this can be done by:

1. Streamlining licensing

2. Supporting landlords and tenants

3. Improving private rented housing stock

4. Using empty properties to rebuild communities

5. Trusting evidence that proves rent controls don’t work

6. Resisting Right-to-Rent  

7. Improving justice for landlords and tenants

8. Introducing tenant passporting

9. Expanding the Evidence Base for Housing

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Latest news

The latest news on the private rented sector in Wales:

Additional licensing scheme renewal given go ahead in Denbighshire

Denbighshire County Council recently approved plans to renew and expand an additional HMO licensing scheme in Rhyl, Prestatyn, Denbigh, and Llangollen.

Regional News Calum Davies 16/08/2020
Additional licensing scheme renewal given go ahead in Denbighshire

BREAKING: NRLA victory as Welsh Government brings in tenant loans

Loans to pay off rent arrears built during the coronavirus pandemic will now be available to tenants in Wales following a campaign by the NRLA. The new Tenancy Saver Loans scheme, which will apply to the Private Rented Sector only, will allow tenants to borrow money to cover the arrears they have built, with the cash paid directly to the landlord or agent.

Industry News Sally Walmsley 11/08/2020
BREAKING: NRLA victory as Welsh Government brings in tenant loans

Tenant Saver Loan Scheme: Frequently Asked Questions

The Welsh Government has today announced plans for a new Tenant Saver Loan scheme, allowing tenants to pay off rent arrears built during the coronavirus pandemic. The loan scheme is something the NRLA has been campaigning for, and the Welsh Government has now published some frequently asked questions about the scheme which you can read here.

Industry News Victoria Barker 11/08/2020
Tenant Saver Loan Scheme: Frequently Asked Questions

Wales: Shadow Housing Minister backs NRLA notice period call

The Shadow Housing Minister in Wales Mark Isherwood MS has called on the Welsh Government to rethink its decision to extend the possession notice period to six months, backing calls from the NRLA.

Industry News Victoria Barker 06/08/2020
Wales: Shadow Housing Minister backs NRLA notice period call

Welsh possession laws ' draconian ' say landlords

Landlords are calling on the Welsh Government to rethink the decision to extend notice periods for possession to six months.The NRLA has described the decision as draconian and has sent an open letter to the Welsh Minister for Housing & Local Government asking them to reconsider.

Industry News Sally Walmsley 05/08/2020
Welsh possession laws ' draconian ' say landlords

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Calum Davies is the Policy & Public Affairs Officer for NRLA Wales. After working in communications and research for a political party in the Welsh Parliament, Calum moved to the NRLA to promote the work of the Association to members, politicians, and stakeholders in Wales.

He ensures they are aware of landlord interests when they legislate and regulate in the PRS, helps run the Cardiff Landlord Forum, and develops policy and organises events for NRLA Wales.

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