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Blog: NRLA calls for Welsh Green Homes Grant

NRLA Wales policy officer Tim Thomas writes about the grants currently available to landlords in Wales when it comes to energy efficiency, and NRLA campaigning. 

NRLA Wales is calling for the Welsh Government to replicate the UK Government’s £2bn Green Homes Grant, which is open to both the Private Rented Sector and owner-occupied sector in England only. 

The grant enables landlords to apply for vouchers towards the cost of installing energy efficient and low-carbon heating improvements to their homes. 

Given that the Welsh PRS has some of the oldest stock, high levels of single cavity walls, a high proportion of off-grid properties not to mention an increasingly vulnerable group of tenants, it is imperative that the Welsh Government ring fences money to improve the energy efficiency in the PRS.  

So what grants are on offer in Wales? 


Arbed am byth have been appointed by the Welsh Government to arrange the installation of energy efficiency measures, like central heating or insulation in homes across Wales as part of the Welsh Government Warm Homes scheme. 

Welsh Government Warm Homes scheme provides insulation and efficient heating systems to the homes of households who are struggling with the cost of high energy bills, making homes warmer, more comfortable and more affordable to heat. 

The scheme is open to small areas across Wales based on the areas that have highest levels of multiple deprivation.  The areas open to the scheme are expanding on a rolling basis.  

Other eligibility 

  • The property must be in a designated Arbed area.  

  • Must have an EPC with an E, F, G – there is a possibility they will consider D rated properties.   

  • Landlords have not reached the maximum threshold of £160k received in state aid over the last 3 years 


Nest offers free advice and a package of free home energy efficiency improvements such as a new boiler, central heating or insulation. You or your tenant can apply for Nest funding for free energy efficiency if: 

  • You own or privately rent your home (not from a local authority or housing association) 

  • Your home is energy inefficient and expensive to heat  

  • You or someone you live with receives a means tested benefit OR has a chronic respiratory, circulatory or mental health condition and an income below the defined thresholds. 

Flexible Eligibility  

Flexible Eligibility is part of the UK Governments ECO 3 scheme and gives local authorities the flexibility to expand eligibility for ECO funding. This allows more residents, in addition to those claiming benefits, to qualify, often on the basis of low incomes, health, age or area, giving councils the ability to support specific communities. 

Local authority funding 

Of course, some local authorities provide bespoke funding so it might be worthwhile contacting your local authority.  

Listen again to our webinar on Green Homes Grants

To learn more about Green Homes Grants, and the picture in Wales, landords can listen again to a recent webinar on this subject with NRLA policy officers Gavin Dick and Tim Thomas. 

Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas Welsh Policy Officer

Tim Thomas is the Welsh Policy Officer for the NRLA. With almost fifteen years’ experience in policy and research roles in local authorities and the third sector, Tim specialises in policy development in the Welsh Private Rented Sector. Tim also leads on the NRLA’s energy efficiency and welfare and benefits policy brief, including lobbying the government on improving the environment for landlords who let to tenants in receipt of Universal Credit.

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