Call of the Week NRLA Advice Line 16/04/2021

Call of the Week: Inspections and coronavirus

This week we helped one landlord member with a query relating to accessing their property.

As the lockdown begins to ease in England, many of us will be grateful to be able to head back to the shops, the gym, or the pub. For landlords and agents, not much has changed in this latest easing of the rules aside from one update to guidance given to vulnerable people.

One of our members had a question around the best way for them to arrange a gas safety inspection at their property.

The tenant had previously indicated they wouldn’t allow for a gas safety engineer to enter the property due to their clinically vulnerable status. The landlord respected the tenants’ wishes and was happy to rearrange.

A few months on, and with the lockdown beginning to ease, the landlord wanted to approach the issue of the inspection again with the tenant. They were prepared to reschedule the inspection if the tenant still wasn’t comfortable with people entering the property, but our landlord was also keen to learn how they’d be able to provide proof of this.

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