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Members rallied to Write to MP about eviction ban extension

The NRLA is urging landlords to write to their local MP and make their voice heard following news last month that the evictions ban has been extended for a second time, until 20th September.

While our research shows the vast majority of tenants have been able to pay their rent as usual, for some tenants, through no fault of their own, this is not the case. The NRLA is calling for:

  • a guarantee that the evictions ban will not be extended further
  • a financial package of support for both landlords and tenants financially affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, interest-free loans to allow tenants to pay off arrears built up because of the coronavirus pandemic. These hardship loans would be paid directly to the landlord.
  • Income support for landlords. If a tenant refuses, or is unable, to take up a loan then landlords must be able to cover arrears through grants. We also continue to call for possession and court reform.

The NRLA recently wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning about the consequences of extending the moratorium on evictions, and calling for more support for landlords.

The association is urging members to write to your MP about how the extension of the eviction ban and the decision to extend the notice period to six months by default (in most cases) until Spring in England, will affect you and your lettings business.

Members can easily write to their MP about this issue, by using our online tool. As part of the tool, we have provided some suggestions of what can be included in the letter which you may wish to use, and there is the option of writing more information about your own personal circumstances and experiences. 

Impact of the evictions ban

The decision to extend the eviction ban will be devastating for some landlords, some of whom are already experiencing serious financial hardship, and could be left unable to take action against tenants behaving anti-socially, or those who may be wilfully not paying rent. 

The NRLA has already heard about the impact eviction ban is having on some members.

We’ve heard from a single mother struggling to make ends meet because her tenant has not paid rent since last year, and a landlord who is currently homeless because a tenant is refusing to move out of her rental property and has not paid rent since last year. 


You can also support our campaign by sharing your story with us. 

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