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New 'easy to read' How to Rent guide released by Government

A new ‘easy read’ version of the ‘How to Rent’ guide has been released by Government.  

The publication of the ‘easy read’ version of the guide does not replace the current December 2020 How to Rent Booklet. Landlords should continue to serve the December 2020 version of the ‘How to rent’ booklet and serve the easy to read one as a supplement to it if needed. 

The document is designed to simplify the language and ensure that there is an option for the information in the guide to be accessible, if needed. 

Landlords in England are reminded they MUST serve the latest version of the standard ‘How to rent’ booklet at the start of a new tenancy. If the document has been updated since the tenant moved in, then landlords also need to serve an updated copy on tenancy renewal, or the creation of a statutory periodic tenancy. 

Rules were brought in five years ago making it mandatory for landlords to provide the latest version of 'How to rent: a checklist for renting in England' to their tenants when the first tenancy starts - and on renewal if there has been an update to the contents. 

More information 

  • The Government does not hold an archive of older How to Rent booklets on its website, but these can be accessed by NRLA members here. 

  • You can learn more about what you need when it comes to creating a tenancy here.  

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