Partners and Suppliers Victoria Barker 09/05/2023

Tradepoint: Six ways to maximise hall space

However big or small your hallway area is, there are plenty of things that can be done to maximise the space. Here, NRLA partner Tradepoint (B&Q) shares six top tips on how to create an inviting entrance to your rental home. Watch the original video lower down.

1) Clear clutter: It sounds obvious, but the first thing to do is to reduce clutter in the hallway. Leaflets and post left idly on surfaces; are all things you can do without. Tenants will always appreciate storeage so consider installing storage, such as enclosed shoe racks with doors on, or a multifunctional piece of furniture such as a shoe rack with a bench on top.

2) Use cool colours: White can be an excellent colour for making a room seem brighter and therefore more spacious, but this doesn’t mean it’s the only colour you should go for when painting a small hallway area. It is recommended you select a maximum of three core colours for the space, and sticking to ‘cool’ colours can really help a space feel more open. Dark colours, if used, should ideally be used below waist height.

3) Add height: A great way to make a space seem larger is to paint the skirting boards the same colour as the paint on the wall. This can add height to a room.

4) Keep as much of the floor on view as you can: Selecting slim furniture, rather than clunky furniture can be a great way to make a space look larger.

5) Make use of mirrors: Once you’ve got the room painted, installing a mirror in the hallway can help the light to reflect around the room, therby making a space feel larger. Keep the mirror at eye level for those last-minute checks when leaving to house.

6) Slimline shelving: As with slimline furniture, if you want to add some handy shelves in the hallway then ensuring these are slimline is a great idea so as to not clutter up the space. If you require more than one shelf, consider putting these vertically one above the other, leaving the rest of the wall space is clear.

Watch the original video outlining these top tips below: