Industry News Sally Walmsley 30/09/2021

What you need to know: court fees update

What you need to know: court fees update 

As of 30 September, the Government has increased the price of a number of fees that landlords have to pay when applying to court. This includes applications for warrants of possession, as well as making a small claim or enforcing it. 

Landlords are now expected to pay – 

  • £130 to apply for a warrant of possession (previously £121) 

  • £83 to apply for a warrant of control (previously £77) 

  • £119 for various other things like applying for an attachment of earnings or a charging order (previously £110) 

In addition to this, the cost for a small claims application has changed as well. Depending on the amount being claimed, an application will now cost between £35 and £455 to make a small claim.  

In some good news for landlords, the cost of applying for a possession order has not changed. This remains at £355 for accelerated claims, possession hearings and applications made via possession claim online. 

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