The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Checklist

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With the introduction of Renting Homes Wales on 1 December 2022, assured shorthold tenancies are no longer applicable in Wales. As a result, this page is no longer accurate.

Please use our updated checklist for occupation contracts instead.

Why do I need a checklist for starting a tenancy?

There are a number of documents that a landlord is expected to serve prior to the tenant occupying a property. Some of these are legal requirements protecting the tenant such as a gas safety certificate. Others, like the inventory are documents that protect you when the tenancy ends. 

If you need to rely on these documents later on, it's important you can show the tenant has received them. To aid with this the NRLA has produced a checklist that your tenants can sign to confirm you have either served these documents, or performed any necessary checks on the property before they occupy it.

What am I legally obliged to provide at the outset of a tenancy?

Landlords now need to provide the following at the outset of an assured shorthold tenancy:

  • A valid Gas Safety Certificate
  • The current Energy Performance Certificate
  • A smoke alarm fitted on every floor used as living space. These alarms must have been checked to show they are in working order at the outset of the tenancy
  • Confirmation that carbon monoxide alarms should be fitted in every room with a solid fuel burning source. They must also be checked to show they are in working order at the outset of the tenancy
  • Confirmation that the deposit has been protected if already paid
  • Confirmation that the prescribed information for the deposit scheme has been provided to the tenant and anyone who has paid towards the deposit
  • A privacy notice outlining how the tenant's data will be used


Rent Smart Wales Licensing Guide

Last Updated: 01/06/2022

In addition, you should have registered with Rent Smart Wales if you are the landlord, and applied for a licence with Rent Smart Wales if you are performing lettings or property management activities. 

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