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After a six year wait for implementation, the Renting Homes Wales Act 2016 has now come into force.

This legislation marks a separation between laws in England and Wales. Previously much of the key regulations governing the PRS affected both nations. This will now change, with both countries having separate notices, contracts, and similar but different requirements around property standards.

Landlords with properties in Wales need to be aware of all of the changes and update their properties and their documents accordingly.

The NRLA have produced number of resources for landlords with properties in Wales including our NRLA occupation contract templates . We will continue to release further resources for landlords and ask that landlords keep an eye on our Wales page for further updates.

Members only

The remainder of this guide is available to members only. It covers a number of topics including -

  • key contract terms
  • types of contract
  • what happens to existing tenancies?
  • possession notices
  • property condition requirements
  • prescribed information
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Training requirements for licence holders

All Rent Smart Wales licensees who have received their licence since July 2020 must complete approved training on Renting Homes Wales by 28 February 2023 because it is a condition of their, or their employers, Rent Smart Wales licence. 

Alternatively, you might opt to do this training as Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  to broaden your knowledge or to be able to submit a licence application. This course is mandatory if you are renewing your licence application with Rent Smart Wales and relying on CPD to meet the training requirement.

Renting Homes Wales training course