What options when joint AST is threatened by one tenants' redundancy?
Rent Arrears

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13 years ago
Scenario is 3 decent 'paying on time' [ex grads] but now working tenants in HMO from June 08. One guy comes clean to say his job evaporated this week and he will have difficulty paying his third share of the rent this month - until his benefits get sorted that is.

I know that the other 2 are now liable for the whole amount yet enforcing this means the two hard pressed tenants run out of savings sooner, rather than later and then they give notice to quit.

Wondering what colleagues have done in these circs and how long does H. Benefit take to come through usually?

This guy is now trying to marshall financial help from family to try to meet his February commitment. To allow him to easily 'go into 2 months of arrears' could mean a long spiral of debt, as any money would go to the housemates that will be subsidising him. In this financial climate redundancy will soon be staring many good tenants in the face.

The AST started off with 3 working people as firm friends living as a close unit, I want to present a fair compromise to support the Tenancy for as long as possible, without allowing the other 2 tenants to feel it is ok for them to slip into arrears with rent because I allowed it for one. Tenants in the hand rather than in the bush, and paying some rent is I suppose better than voids ..... at the wrong time of the year.

Grateful for advice on way forward and also colleagues experiences of the transition from worker to recipient of Benefits.

Many thanks.

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