Breach of Contract - tenants altering house without permission ADVICE PLEASE!
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15 years ago
Currently in one of my properties (it always seems to be a problem with this house and tenants?! Maybe jinxed?!) I have very young family in their early twenties with two kids and one more on the way. Over the last two years I have aquired a new role in life, as their landlord / social worker (to tryand keep things on an even keel not because I wanted to!). Because I was a little suspect about them initially (found out he had been made bankrupt 3 months before and had not declared it in the credit check) I rented it via a company let (agreement for letting to a compay), to the company he was working for at the time. (at the point of them moving in found out the managing director was actually the girls father.....).

Over the years, I have put in new windows for them, got a new cooker (dealt with the problem of them shouting at my electricians - who are great and took me ages to find good ones!) got plumbing sorted, changed the dates of the rental payment at their request - overlooked, but wagged finger at late payments and not setting up an Standing order, bit the inside of my cheek when he asked me to sell the house to him. Counted to ten alot of times.

I understood that they had problems with loss of jobs and let them go for housing benefit - however they have got themselves into 930 arrears and dont know how much they owe and keep giving me bits towards it and not keeping prior arrangements. So yesterday I had enough and called the Managing Director Father and said in a pleasant tone that I was worried that they were not managing. Of course he was not aware about the arrears, and the fact that I could sue his company - or the fact that his daughter was pregnant again. He then called them and bawled them out.

So I had a sheepish call later - where I was very diplomatic and professional - they have arranged a way to pay me the arrears over the month........fine.........THEN......I tell them I may visit te property as not seen it and it was done through an agency........He said: "You'll find things very different"
ME: "Why?"
HIM: "Well you know when you said we could decorate but not do anything major like knock down walls...."
ME: "Yeeesss"
HIM: "Well you know how you had gas central heating put in - but the back boiler and pipes were still behind the open fire in the living room"
ME: Uh huh
HIM: "Well we had a fire officer come round to inspect the place and put in smoke alarms - (already fitted?!)"
ME: Why???
HIM: because we put the open fire on one night and black smoke came back into the living room and we had to put water on it to get it out.
ME: Why didn't you call me and I would have got the chimney swept out.
HIM: Well seeing as you had gas heating, we don't really need it so we have TAKEN OUT THE FIREPLACE AND HEARTH, BOARDED IT UP, AND HAD IT ALL REPLASTERED!! AND WE HAVE HAD NEW LAMINATE FLOORING LAID....

The whole downstairs he has taken off the anaglipta wallpaper and replastered everything

ME: In total had no right to do any of that without my permission it is my house not yours.

HIM: But everyone says it looks better! And the fire is behind it so you can just knock it out again.

ME: That's not the point (bite cheek extremely hard till bleeds)

Oh, and he has taken up the back lawn and put playchipping down for his kids trampoline. Oh, and he wanted a reference to move to another property - whilst in arrears! believe it or not he did not get it!

So as I understand it he is in major breach of contract over these things???!!!!!.

The point is do I say these things now or if they do move out eventually? I am not happy as I liked the open fire option - but I would have to get it put back in with a new fire place and hearth - me thinks more than their 595 deposit?

I AM UTTERLY GOBSMACKED - has any one got advise or similar stories - no verbal or written permission was given for any of this and they did not seek it either.

Many thanks

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