Help - Housing Association back charges from pre-purchase!

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7 years ago

Hope someone can help..

I bought an ex-local/housing assocn flat in July 2013.
Now the HA (Metropolitan) are trying to charge me the difference between their estimate and actual cost of cyclical works carried out 2010-12 (total about £1,800) and for general charges in 2013-14 (£298).

When I queried this being before the time I purchased (especially as they were then threatening to start charging interest), I was told a Section 20 had been issued (meaning they could defer charging - and that I was liable, and that my solicitor should have asked about outstanding charges and set up a retention fund. (ie sounded like her legal failing)

However, when I asked her about this, she said she would have asked about all this and Metropolitan had not informed her of any outstanding charges.
Before I could feed this back to Metropolitan, another letter arrived from them, threatening to write to my lender about the arrears (on the more recent amount) and applying to the county court (and saying the lender could pay but would probably add to mortgage and charge admin fee).

I feel they have got me over a barrel here, and could force me to pay either way, even before establishing that I am in fact liable.
I am reluctant to keep asking my solicitor as no doubt it will cost me as much in legal fees!

I am going to pay the proportion of the 2013-14 charge appropriate to my period of ownership, but what should I do about the rest?

This is my first BTL property, and I have to say (together with ridiculous issues with getting a repair fixed) it has put me off ex-LA properties!



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