NRLA webinar | State of the sector - our latest research findings

Join the NRLA’s research team for the latest findings from our member survey of over 1600 landlords in England and Wales, undertaken in June.

This webinar offers a chance to meet the research team and learn about our research programme and how we use the information you provide.

The latest survey results show how landlords have been coping with the Coronavirus crisis, potential shifts in the housing market, and the experience of student landlords during a time of particular uncertainty.

Our research team share the latest Landlord Confidence Index and outline how the NRLA will be using the data from our members to support our lobbying work with local and national governments.

The research comes on the back of our previous quarterly survey in March, as well as subsequent surveys on the impact of Coronavirus – so there will be a chance for landlords to understand how the sector is settling as lockdown continues to ease and the initial shock of the crisis wanes.

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