NRLA & Warwick and Stratford upon Avon District Councils Landlord Forum

This Private Landlord Forum is organised jointly by the NRLA with Warwick District Council and Stratford upon Avon District Council and their combined Private Landlord Steering Group.

Meeting Agenda

- Welcome by Richard Thomas (Chair of Landlord Steering Group)

- Energy Efficiency and insulation improvement of private rented properties in line with latest MEES Legislation and obtaining optimum grant funding from ECO3 and Green Homes Grant - Tracy Troiolo, Act on Energy

- What records and documents do private landlords need to keep? - Don Robbie, Local Representative, NRLA

- Council updates - Paul Chapman (Stratford upon Avon DC) and Paul Hughes (Warwick DC)

- News and Legislation Update - Local Representative, NRLA

Members and guests only

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