Introduction to Documents, Forms & Guides


As a responsible landlord you want to provide the best service possible for your tenants so that they stay in your property for a long time. It can be challenging to keep up-to-date with all of the obligations that a landlord has to follow without support though.

In the last decade the regulatory requirements placed on the private rented sector have expanded substantially. There are now more than 150 Acts of Parliament placing obligations on landlords, which is an increase of over 30% since 2010.

Our service to you

To help support you in your efforts to provide a high-quality service, the NRLA has produced a suite of resources and guides to assist you through the lifetime of the tenancy and beyond. We offer a collection of documents and guides that will help you confidently meet your obligations as a landlord. These include:

  • downloadable forms and contracts
  • guidance on your legal obligations and best practice
  • template letters
  • completion notes for court forms and other prescribed Government documents

These resources are regularly expanded on and updated with the latest legislative changes.

Which nations does the NRLA provide resources for?

The NRLA produces resources for use in England or Wales. Over the last few years the housing law in these two nations has grown increasingly distinct, making it difficult to know what is and is not a legal obligation particularly where you let out properties in both England and Wales.

For ease of navigation the different sections in resources can be toggled between England and Wales, showing pages that are relevant to the respective nation.

Pre-Tenancy | Landlord Resources

Last Updated: 09/07/2021

One of the best ways of ensuring you build a strong relationship with a good tenant is to take the time to do everything right before the tenancy starts. This section includes resources covering topics such as: 

  • Deposit protection
  • The tenant fee ban
  • Data protection and the GDPR
  • Guarantor agreements
  • Referencing your tenants
  • Right to rent
  • Marketing your property

Creating a Tenancy Agreement | Landlord Resources

Last Updated: 10/08/2022

Whether you need the standard assured shorthold tenancy, or you are letting to a company, the NRLA provides a number of agreements and resources such as:

  • four different assured shorthold tenancies
  • a company let agreement
  • a charity let agreement
  • a lodgers agreement
  • an agreement for use when you live in the same building but do not share living space
  • a start of tenancy checklist
  • an inventory and schedule of condition
  • an archive of 'How to rent: a checklist for renting in England'

Managing Your Tenancy | Landlord Resources

Last Updated: 12/11/2021

Once your tenants are in your property there are a number of things to consider to manage the tenancy effectively. Our resources help you manage your tenancy effectively on topics such as:

  • Section 48 notices
  • changing tenants during a tenancy
  • accessing the property
  • increasing the rent
  • managing arrears
  • dealing with anti-social behaviour/nuisance
  • client money protection

Landlord Notice to End Tenancy UK

Last Updated: 05/07/2022

Knowing how to end a tenancy is essential for any landlord. Despite less than 1% of tenancies ending via court action, the process can be difficult and frustrating especially where an administrative error is made and the landlord needs to restart from the beginning.

The NRLA produces a number of resources to help in this are on topics such as:

  • completion notes for court applications
  • serving and completing Section 21 notices
  • grounds based possession
  • abandonment by the tenant
  • a notice to quit for non-assured tenancies

Looking After Your Property | Landlord Resources

Last Updated: 09/04/2021

As a responsible landlord you will want to ensure your property is maintained to a good quality standard and safe to live in. You will also have to comply with certain legal requirements around the performance of inspections by suitably competent people.

To help you with this the NRLA has guidance on topics such as:

  • repairing obligations
  • fitness for human habitation
  • electrical safety requirements
  • planning use and building regulations
  • gas safety
  • legionella
  • fire safety

Licensing and Local Government Enforcement

Last Updated: 11/12/2020

Most of the legislation affecting landlords is enforced by the local authority who have a number of powers of enforcement which landlords of HMO properties in particular should be aware of. Our guidance in this are covers topics such as:

  • Mandatory, additional and selective licensing
  • Rent Smart Wales
  • the Housing Health and Safety Rating System
  • civil penalties
  • rent repayment orders

Energy Efficiency

Last Updated: 04/08/2021

This section includes a number of guides centred around energy efficiency in your rented properties. These include:

  • energy performance certificates (EPC)
  • minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES)
  • listed buildings and energy efficiency


Last Updated: 04/03/2022

The tax regime for landlords has seen substantial change since. To help you navigate this, the NRLA provides resources such as:

  • a property accounts spreadsheet
  • guidance on council tax liability
  • a self-assessment tax guide
  • a guide to recent tax changes